2600 years ago, the Buddha undertook a period of forest meditation during which he came to understand why humans suffer and how we can become free to enjoy life’s deepest happiness. With the earth as his witness, his confidence in his awakening resolute, he laid out a path of practice that has supported meditators for generations. In this retreat we turn to silence, community, and teacher guidance, while immersing ourselves in the natural world to practice the timeless teachings of the Buddha.

This retreat will offer instruction in insight (vipassana) and loving-kindness (mettā) meditation and will include alternating periods of sitting and walking. In insight meditation we relax the mind’s reactivity to establish calm and stability, and then we investigate the mind to better understand how to create the conditions for wisdom to grow. In loving-kindness meditation we intentionally cultivate the heart qualities of friendliness & benevolence. This retreat will include instructional talks (Dharma talks), individual interviews, and a discussion period focused on supporting students to integrate retreat experience into daily life. Optional yoga will be offered.