Our Fire Room is where flow happens. Set to a constant 90 degrees, our Fire Room is where all of our Vinyasa classes are held. From Power Yoga, to Mellow Flow, to heated Restorative classes, our Fire Room will allow you to build an inner fire, gain added flexibility and length, and allow the sweat to help you sink deeper in your practice.


Named after the water in the tanks of our Indo-Row Waterrowers, this room is our all-purpose space for yoga and fitness classes. The focus is to build strength and stability. This non-heated studio is the hub of our Ashtanga Yoga classes as well as our Fitness classes.

Explore your inner strength and discipline in Ashtanga Yoga, or build your cardio with our TRX bands and Indo-Row machines.


Our Earth Room allows you to sink into deep meditative and healing silence. Named after Mother Earth’s soothing and comforting energy, this non-heated, carpeted room provides an environment for you to sink into a deeper, healing state with Svaroopa® Yoga. The carpet flooring provides the perfect surface to deeply sink into your asanas on blankets and bolsters provided in the room. The opening you can get in the Earth Room will provide the relief and healing you need!


Allow yourself to sink into a state of pure relaxation and tension relief in our Air Room. Our certified massage therapists will create an atmospheric experience, while assisting in relieving tension, aid in muscle recovery and healing, and also promoting relaxation and overall well-being!