You guessed it, our Fire Room is our heated studio! With a constant temperature of 90 degrees created through our radiant heated floor and our state of the art heating units, this studio is the perfect place to melt into your practice. The Fire Room is the ideal temperature for your body to sink deeper into the postures and help you gain flexibility. Be prepared to sweat if you are joining us for our Vinyasa Core, Power, Mellow or Hot TRX classes! But also be prepared to enjoy the warmth of the floor in our Vinyasa Restorative classes.


Named after the Water in the tanks of our Indo-Row Waterrowers, this studio is our all-purpose space for yoga, fitness and various other activities. This non-heated studio serves some Vinyasa classes for those not interested in a heated practice and many of our Fitness Classes. Explore your strength on the TRX or build your cardio without the impact of running on our Indo-Row machines. Make and take workshops, nutritional meetings and other events can also be found scheduled in this studio.


Embrace the natural qualities of the Earth Room as you sink into silence. Named after Mother Earth due to this rooms warm and comforting vibes, this non-heated studio’s purpose is to provide a soothing environment for you to sink into an Svaroopa® Yoga or Meditation class. The carpet flooring provides the perfect surface to deepen your postures on the blankets or props provided for you in the studio while enjoying the peaceful green and neutral colors in the room. Go on treat yourself to a calming experience and leave the studio feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day!