DEFINITION OF KARMA: The force created by a person’s actions that some people believe causes good or bad things to happen to that person.

Our Karma Yoga program was established to provide a mutual exchange of services to individuals who want to be more involved with our yoga community and studio. The benefit for those individuals selected is unlimited vigorous and mellow flow yoga classes and discounts on other classes, trainings and retail in exchange for selfless services around the studio. Through simple acts of tidiness, organization and customer service, you will find our Karma Yoga Program is about more than just unlimited yoga, it is about personal fulfillment on a gratuitous level. [clearboth]

BLDG.7’s Karma Yoga program is an enormously valued part of our community. Our program is for those who are passionate about yoga, our community and want to be a part of the BLDG.7 Team on a more involved level. Each Karmi selected will assist in creating the studio environment and experience with each person who walks through our door. Striving to cultivate a culture of learning, appreciation and community through customer interaction. Our Karmis will be involved in various tasks including but not limited to: Front Desk duties, customer service, answering phones, cleaning and preparing studios for class, and a variety of other administrative tasks as needed.

The practice of Karma Yoga is the practice of being in service to yourself and to your community.


To be a Karmi in BLDG.7’s Karma Yoga Program you must meet the following criteria and commitments:

  • Have attended classes at BLDG.7 for 3 consecutive months
  • Provide 4 hours of service per week (can be broken up into two 2 hour shifts or one 4 hour shift)
  • 6 month commitment
  • Exhibit clear and honest communication
  • Exercise a respectful and accountable presence
  • Be on time (5 minutes early is on time, on time is late)
  • Regularly attend classes and staff meetings once hired


  • Unlimited classes
  • Included in our staff and teacher meetings and outings
  • Included on our website
  • Be an ambassador for BLDG.7 Yoga
  • Discounts on Workshops, Trainings, and retails items (excluding beverages)