Welcome to BLDG. 7 YOGA – we are thrilled that you have found us!

Everyone’s journey with yoga is different and personal. Some people are bold enough to jump right into a class, and others research it until they’ve known everything there is to know. Whatever the path that has brought you here, the first thing you need to learn about yoga, is that it is not a competition.


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The practice of yoga begins before your class starts. To create the best experience for yourself and others, please follow these guidelines:

  • Arrive a few minutes before class begins. Give yourself time for a few stretches, a moment of quietness and time to relax from your day. If you arrive just as class is beginning, wait to walk through the room until OM is completed, enter quietly, the teacher or assistant will help you find a place.
  • Only bring into the room what you need for practice. Locker rooms are conveniently located close to the yoga studio. Use a locker to store your bags and coats and other items not needed in the room. Please refrain from lining the perimeter of the room with your possessions.
  • Always remove your shoes before entering the yoga room.
  • Come on an empty stomach. Yoga is best practiced several hours after a meal. Bring water to class.
  • Always tell your teacher about any injuries or special health conditions before class. This will help the teacher make suggestions to make your practice safer and more enjoyable.
  • Talk to your teacher if you are new or have to leave early
  • Please keep conversations low when you arrive and leave as other students may be relaxing or meditating. We want to create a space of healing, quiet, and relaxation as well as one of friendship.


  • Clothing – Wear something light and comfortable. Refrain from big baggy t-shirts.
  • Footwear – Always remove your shoes before entering the room.
  • Towels – Bring a towel into class. If you forget, you can grab one in the bins located in the room.
  • Mats – It is recommended that you have your own mat for personal hygiene. We do sell Jade Yoga Mats, Liforme Yoga Mats, and Manduka products in our lobby. We also have mats for rent for $1 per class.
  • Props – We provide straps, blocks, wedges, blankets, sand bags. We also sell straps, blocks, wedges, and blankets for your personal use. Please Contact Us to inquire.


…embraces the qualities of compassion, awareness, and respect.

  • In this attitude of awareness, we ask that you:
  • Turn off your phones. We are the not the judge of what is important to you…child at home, business on-call. We just ask that you are respectful and quietly leave the room if need to take a call.
  • Keep the floors clean. Remove your shoes and clean up your space after class.
  • Refrain from wearing strong perfumes. Be mindful of any odors you bring from home…smoking, cooking.
  • Position your mat with respect to the others around you. Talk to your neighbor if you need them to inch over.
  • Close the door quietly if you need to leave the room.  Exit and enter in-between postures.  Self-awareness leads to attention to detail and to the respect for the space and people around you.
  • Showers: BLDG. 7 Yoga does have on site showers in each of our locker rooms. If you are heading somewhere after class, feel free to bring what you need to bathe and get ready in our locker rooms. We also have on site hair dryers, straighteners and other amenities. Towels are provided.

Thank you for creating a sacred space for your practice!


I’ve never taken a yoga class before. How do I start?
Easy, you start by showing up! Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self. The only things that matter when you are practicing yoga, are you and the mat.

How do I choose which type of yoga to try? With so many choices, can I try more than one?
You can always call the studio and ask for the studio manager, Linda. Or email linda@bldg7yoga.com if you have any class questions or need a recommendation!

What if I just cannot do a pose?
Everyone experiences this. If you are uncomfortable in a pose, or your body is not accepting a pose you are always welcome to enter child’s pose and return back to the flow when you are ready.

I’ve been athletic all of my life, but right now I’m suffering from injuries. Can you help me recover?
Absolutely! Many of our students are former and current athletes. They find that yoga helps them relax and recover from injuries because it focuses on stretching and strengthening the muscles using your own body weight. Always let your teacher know of any injuries before you start class.

Help! I need to lose weight. Can yoga help me do this and what classes are best for weight loss?
Every body is different. But with the right mindset, diet, and exercise losing weight is definitely a possibility with yoga. Our heated classes are a great way to sweat it out and burn some calories!

My doctor recommended yoga to help me manage stress. Which class would be best and does yoga really help stress?
We would recommend our Mellow Flow Yoga and Yin Restorative Yoga. All classes are centered around taking care of yourself and the mind.

Do I need to check in before class, make a reservation, or can I just show up?
We recommend that you always reserve your spot for class online on our website. You must always sign in at the front desk when you arrive. If you are late and class has started, don’t worry, we will check you in as quickly as possible so you can enjoy the class. Payment must be processed prior to class, so you can leave the studio blissful and care free.